IntroducingLSG Rally Racepak

LSG Rally is officially the ONLY RALLY offering a real-world racing experience across the hottest destinations in the country. From the most scenic routes, to the most insane after-parties, LSG Rally provides an unforgettable experience from the starting line to the final destination.

Score points by completing challenging tasks based on time, speed, distance, and strategic navigation. Gain bonus points by completing tasks that take you off the beaten path. The fastest car isn't always #1. Teams must decide on what checkpoints to hit, and what challenges to accept.

Feed your ego by viewing the in-app leader-board to see who's bringing home the gold.

InteractiveChallenges & Mapping

The LSG Rally Racepak App eliminates "targa" timing and clunky paperwork. Other rallies rely on participants verbal time keeping which leads to cheating. LSG kicked it up a notch. Now you can compete live with other rally participants by completing challenges and checkpoints by utilizing the interactive mapping system.

Next Event : OC to Palm Springs : July 23rd